Cork Flooring

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Cork is unique in so many ways: it is light, compressible,  elastic, rot-resistant, fire-resistant (in its natural state), impermeable and soft.  It is a completely natural material which cannot be emulated by any synthetic material.

Cork, as a natural product, warms and enriches any interior. With over 40 million natural cushion cells per cubic centimetre, cork is a natural sound and thermal insulator. Modern cork floors are extremely quiet, comfortable underfoot, warm and pleasant to touch.

Cork floors do not absorb dust and are resistant to bacteria and fungus. They do not cause allergies nor pose a risk to asthma sufferers. Cork needs to be laid on an even concrete slab or substrate which may require masonite sheeting to make the floor perfectly level.

Aris Floors can show you samples of cork tiles to match your home and lifestyle and we can supply and install.


We also have pre-finished cork tiles in multiple colors. This type of cork does not require sanding or varnishing.

We also offer custom stained cork tiles.

Other corking services include re-coating old cork flooring and re-sanding worn and damaged cork flooring.

If you’re looking for the very best cork flooring company in Melbourne,  give us a call on 0449 266 998 for an obligation-free quote and consultation.

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Natural Pure Cork Flooring Tiles


Traditional Dark

300 x 600 x 8 mm

Traditional cork light.webp

Traditional Light

300 x 600 x 6 mm

300 x 600 x 8 mm



300 x 300 x 6 mm

Traditional small.webp

Traditional Light

300 x 300 x 6 mm

300 x 300 x 8 mm

Prefinished Cork Flooring - Stone Pure

  • Tile size:  900mm x 600mm x 8mm

These are 8mm thick pure Cork tiles with a stone visual embossed on the surface, so you get all the benefits of cork with the visual of stone.

These tiles require to be glued down on site.


Concrete Nordic


Concrete Urban


Concrete Urban

Prefinished Coloured Cork Floor Tiles


Traces Tea


Originals Shell


Originals Harmony


Shell Marfim


Shell Jasmin


Identity Chestnut


Fashionable White


Fashionable Cement


Fashionable Graphite


Identity Nightshade


Identity Moonlight